Auto Insurance / Car Insurance

Wherever you go, it’s good to know we’re with you.

W.F. Roemer offers the auto insurance you need where you need it.

autoIn most cases, an automobile is the second most expensive piece of property a person owns, right behind their home.  Like your home, you want to protect your vehicle…and you want to make sure you’re complying with legal requirements, too.

W.F. Roemer Insurance offers a wide variety of auto insurance policies from nationally known and respected carriers.  We can show you a variety of options; many with available discounts for insuring two or more cars, as well as multi-policy discounts when you combine home and auto insurance with the same carrier.

Lower limits costs more than you think

By choosing the minimum required insurance coverage you’re actually taking a bigger financial risk than if you simply purchased adequate coverage.  Accidents happen and no one can foresee when and where they occur: that’s why we carry insurance.  What many people fail to remember is that you can’t predict how much damage will occur, the possibility of injuries and the staggering costs of medical care or repairs to expensive vehicles.  In many accidents, state minimum coverage simply doesn’t cover ALL the costs and if you’re liable, YOU pay the difference out of your pocket.
W.F. Roemer Insurance urges you to weigh the risks and purchase adequate coverage beyond the bare bones minimum requirements.

boatsOur Automobile Insurance options include:

  • Auto
  • Motorcycle
  • Boats
  • Personal watercraft
  • RV’s
  • ATV’s / Off-road vehicles
  • Trailers
  • Classic Cars