About W.F. Roemer Insurance

Providing Total Insurance Solutions Since 1953

Big Enough to Meet Your Needs…Small Enough to Care about Them

W. F. Roemer Insurance has been serving the insurance needs of people just like you since 1953 and under the same management since 1973.  While the homes, automobiles, businesses and construction sites differ, there’s one constant that hasn’t changed and never will.  We treat every customer just like we treat our own family.  As a family owned and operated business, we understand your concerns, your goals and your desire to guard your family, yourself and your business against the risks that threaten your peace of mind.  We share the same concerns and as insurance professionals, we provide solid solutions.  Our network of insurance carriers enables us to meet your needs and our use of the latest technology makes serving you a simple, hassle-free process.  W. F. Roemer Insurance is truly big enough to meet your needs and small enough to care about them.

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At W.F. Roemer Insurance, Customer Service ALWAYS Wins

While many agencies spend time and resources on developing a mega-agency we’ve taken a different approach at W.F. Roemer Insurance.  We realized that our clients choose us because of the personal service we provide.  They know that as a family-owned business we focus on personal service so they’re never lost in some corporate shuffle.  At W.F. Roemer Insurance, delivering unparalleled customer service is non-negotiable.
We’ve actively managed our growth throughout our history, ensuring that our ability to provide that family-friendly kind of customer service is never, ever compromised.  It’s our service that attracts customers, and it’s our service that keeps them.

Putting the Power of Independence to Work for You

More Options Means Competitive Pricing

Some insurance carriers specialize in providing competitive rates for mature drivers with perfect records, while others target young drivers.  Still other insurance companies offer better rates on homeowner policies.  If you’re ‘stuck’ with an agency that offers insurance from only one carrier, you could be paying too much.

W.F. Roemer Insurance is an Independent Agency.  This means we have developed relationships with multiple insurance carriers…and that’s good news for you!  Should one company raise its rates on a particular product, our professionals go to work, shopping for a better rate with one of the many other companies we represent.  As an Independent agency, we put the focus where it belongs: on the customer, rather that the insurance carrier.